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      East Barnet Carpet Cleaner was professional, courteous and respectful when cleaning my house. I have no complaints.
F. Windsor19/05/2020
     I was about to throw my favourite rug in the rubbish bin when a friend suggested that I hire East Barnet Carpet Cleaner to do a rug cleaning. They saved it, got all of the stains out. They are also the least expensive. Great place.
Dana O.20/09/2019
      East Barnet Cleaning Services were wonderful when I wanted my office cleaned. I had done some renovations and the mess was bad. I didn't have a lot of time to clean, so chose to hire this professional cleaning company to deal with it and they did. It was a good cost and done really well!
Alan Martin14/07/2015
     My cleaning service is very good and I would definitely recommend this company. When I first called EastBarnetCarpetCleaners they gave me quite a cheap quote and they stuck to it and all the cleaning products were included in the fee. They have cleaned for me over a period of years and done a great job. I am very pleased with the cleaning service they have done for me as it is all done according to my wishes and preferences and the cleaners who do the work are very honest and aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves.
     I am certainly happy to see that others are using EastBarnetCarpetCleaners, as I have been doing for the last year or so. They provide an excellent carpet cleaning service that has bettered every single company that I have used in the past. You never really know what you are going to get with these sorts of services, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results, I must admit. It seems ridiculous that you would put up with a stained carpet, when you can get the job done for so much less than you might expect.
Shawn Jackson31/07/2014
     Ever since I started with EastBarnetCarpetCleaners, I've gotten so many more comments on how clean my house is. It's that kind of compliment which really makes the service worthwhile. The nice things which are said are all incredibly true, as well, and you notice it as you walk around room to room each day. There's always a little corner which you think they may have missed but, no, they've got it covered. A continual surprise and delight to use their services and I can't really recommend them any higher than I already do. A great solution in every way.
Cynthia Collins04/06/2014
     Cleaning has never been my strong point, so it was with great relief that I found EastBarnetCarpetCleaners to be an excellent service, and great value for money. The reality of the matter is that they have made things much more manageable in my household, what with me now worrying a lot less about all the issues associated with getting the housework done alongside so many other aspects of single parenthood! Great service, excellent value, lovely people, a great company!
Patrick Armstrong05/03/2014

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